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Remembering your true aquatic nature

Reconnecting to the well being and the peace within the breath

In one breath dive deep within yourself, within the sea



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High Quality Freediving School in Eilat 

What is FREE DIVING according to Apnea Diving Freediving School: 

Freediving is above all learning to breathe and to relax.

Then it’s about moving freely  and safely underwater, while feeling all the pleasure and good sensations that only freediving can give you.

It is very important to understand that a gradual progression is essential for each new depth and there is no short cut to the depth.

A gradual adaptation of our body to each new depth is necessary to pass from “man” to “dolphin-man”.

In short we wish to show you how natural it is to hold your breath and be able to dive easily to any depth according to your level of progression.

At last freediving can be practiced in different ways: from simple snorkeling and skin diving to depth competition, spearfishing, submarine photography etc…


Freediving, a new form of self-awareness:

Although freediving is still considered an extreme sport, it is in fact a rather new form of Yoga and meditation reuniting body and mind.

Freediving as for livelihood has been practiced since the past by ancient civilizations, like Assyrians and Greeks, and by contemporaneous native people like the Bhajos from the Philippines and the Haenyo women from Korea.




 Unlike freediving, SCUBA diving is very recent; it appeared in France during WW2 and became a popular activity in the 60’s thanks to Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Paradoxically freediving is much safer than SCUBA diving since one does not depend on any external equipment such as regulators and compressed air tanks. As a freediver, you will be the owner of your self-progression and aquatic skills.

Thanks to a proper training you will learn how to combine safety and pleasure in this adventure of exploring the underwater world and yourself.


“Only freediving allows us to move freely in 3D (which means in all directions). To acquire this capacity it only takes to understand the art of breathing and breathe hold. Then thanks to proper training we increase our apnea time and extend our underwater flight. While others are restricted to remain in 2D (sticking to the water surface), the freediver realizes that the exploration of the underwater world leads him beyond his imagination”


Freediving instructor, Apnea Diving

Our Classes

Freediving Courses

Discovery course

This introductory course gives all lovers of the sea the opportunity to experience freediving in a safe and enjoyable way.

You will receive the basic skills that you need to become a freediver while practicing the most important aspects of freediving: Correct breathing and relaxation.

Come to discover with us the well-being that only freediving can provide.

This course can be performed in one or two days.

Apnea Experience course

This introductory course is performed in two days and is an upgrade of Apnea. Discovery, it provides you the first Apnea Academy certification card after passing a performance test (from 3 to 10 meters).

Experience Apnea is recommended for beginners who wish to have a certification before attaining a First Level.


For those who have already participated in any freediving course, the Apnea Academy stage is an opportunity to enhance your freediving skills, break through blockages and train with new freediving techniques to reach your own personal objective and records.

Level  1  – 2 – 3

Come and challenge yourself to a higher freediving level, going deeper and holding your breath longer while enjoying full relaxation as taught by Apnea Academy!
These levels courses are for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience in apnea.


 “The scuba diver dives to look around. The freediver dives to look inside.”

Umberto Pelizzari, funder of APNEA academy




The Apnea Academy was founded in 1995 by the multi record man, Umberto Pelizzari (17 world records) together with his professional team of divers, doctors and apnea researchers.

The Apnea Academy is a sporting association and school that has chosen a precise direction: research and instruction. The idea is to train the student to draw personal health and well-being from the practice of freediving. The Apnea Academy therefore consider freediving a means of improving quality of life.

Some of the best freediver are Apnea Academy instructors such as the multiple record man William Trubridge.



The Philosophy of Apnea Academy: “Liquid Man”

Well-being and good sensations are your guides or the compass needle that will point into the direction of your maximum depth and breath hold.

Freediving is not about how deep you go but how good you feel when going to the depth. Quality is more important than quantity.

Our goal is to teach you true and natural apnea that will give you a safe foundation while bringing you to your deepest dives inwards and outwards.

The Apnea Academy method proven by the experience of champions is the safest the most direct path to progression towards the depth.


Meet Our Team



Yoga & Apnea Academy Instructor

Started his training with Satyam in 2010 in Taba (Egypt) according to Apnea Academy method. He joined in 2014 Umberto Pelizzari School and became Apnea Academy instructor. He’s been teaching Freediving and Yoga in Eilat since then.



Yoga & Apnea Discovery Instructor

She trained under Umberto Pelizzari since 2003. She was the first Israeli female freediver that touched 48 meters in constant weight and record woman of dynamic apnea in 2005. Satyam has been training freedivers and teaching apnea discovery in Eilat and in Italy since 2005.


What People Are Saying

“The entire course was professional with a good time table and pleasant atmosphere. Xavier gave me a lot of confidence in the water and I learn how to control myself during my dives thanks to a proper teaching method. I appreciated to receive some precious knowledge in the freediving world such as Yoga and meditation. More important, Xavier knew how to combine fun and safety throughout the course. I recommend Apnea Diving to everyone who are looking for a serious freediving school”.

Eliya Berniker

Student, First Level

“I come to Apnea Diving  for an advanced freediving course and I’m very satisfy from the course as well as the instructors Xavier and Satyam who taught me so many precious skills and knowledge. I enjoyed the teaching that includes all the important aspect of freediving (diet, breathing & relaxation techniques, yoga for freediving…) At the end of the course I reach performances that was beyond my expectation. I strongly recommend AAI for your freediving apprenticeship”. 

Dror Shankara

Student, Third Level

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