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We offer you several possibilities from beginner to advanced freediving courses.

We will be glad to help you choose the best freediving course according to your needs and level.


Apnea Discovery

This introductory course gives all lovers of the sea the opportunity to experience freediving in a safe and enjoyable way. You will receive the basic skills that you need to become a freediver while practicing the most important aspects of freediving: Correct breathing and relaxation. This course can be performed in one or two days.

Price : 600 ILS 1 day / 1000 ILS 2 days

Duration : 1 or 2 days



Experience apnea

This introductory course is performed in two days and is an upgrade of Apnea Discovery, it provides you the first Apnea Academy certification card after passing a performance test (from 3 to 10 meters). Experience Apnea is recommended for beginners who wish to have a certification before attaining a First Level.

Price : 1200 ILS

Duration : 2 days



weekend STAGE

For those who have already participated in any freediving course, the Apnea Academy stage is an opportunity to enhance your freediving skills, break through blockages and train with new freediving techniques to reach your own personal objective and records.

Price : 1100 ILS

Duration : 2 days



First Level 

The goal of the First level course is to reach a satisfactory level of freediving. At the same time you will develop safety skills while growing in awareness and enjoyement.

Price : 1400 ILS

Duration : 3 days



second Level 

The goal of the Second Level course is to establish your freediving technique in order to go deeper with full confidence. Here you become acquainted with the depth. 

Price : 1600 ILS

Duration : 4 days



third Level 

The goal of the Third Level course is to deepen your aquatic performance and show .good technique of freediving and relaxation. Here you become a deep freediver.

Price : 2000 ILS

Duration : 6 days



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