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My name is Satyam, I fell in love with the Ocean in my childhood. I naturally started freediving since 2001.

I met Xavier in 2010 by the Red Sea. I introduced him to freediving and he chose to deepen is underwater love together with me.

The sea has united us, it has been our teacher and our place of healing and relaxation. We are happy to invite you into our magical underwater world.


Hello! I’m Xavier CHAVANES

Yoga & Apnea Academy Instructor

Xavier grew up in Montpellier by the Mediterranean Sea, he was a natural swimmer since childwood and he discovered breath hold diving while exploring the beautiful sea bed of Corsica during summers holidays with his family.

In his teenage years he became a high level basket-ball player but his real passion was the water. He never let go of his water training in the ocean.

In 2010 he started his freediving training with Satyam in Taba (Egypt) according to Apnea Academy method.

Then he trained with the CIPA (Centre International de Plongée en Apnée) in 2011 in Nice (France), with world champion Guillaume Nery and his team.

From 2012 to 2013 Xavier comes back to his mother land in Montpellier (France) and become swimming instructor.

After moving back to Eilat, he joined in 2014 Umberto Pelizzari School and became Apnea academy instructor.

In 2015 Xavier travel to India and meet Siddarth, his Yoga teacher in Varanasi, and learn the practice of Hatha Yoga. Two years later in the winter of 2017 he’s going back to his teacher in Varanasi and become a Yoga instructor.

He’s been teaching Freediving and Yoga in Eilat since then.

Hello! I’m Satyam Larroca

Yoga & Apnea Discovery Instructor

Satyam grew up in Brazil and was in touch with the sea (in Rio and Recife) since very young age.

After she completed her studies in archeology in Jerusalem she started scuba diving for underwater excavations, soon the desire to free herself from equipment became clear to her.

After that she went to India to learn and experience different types of Yoga and meditation practices.

On her way back from India she settled in Eilat by the Red Sed, where she started applying her knowledge of Yoga in Freediving.

Satyam trained under Umberto Pelizzari since 2003 in Sharm-el-Sheir (Egypt) and she passed her Apnea Discovery instructor in 2005 in Sicily (Italy).

She was the first female freediver in Israel that touched 48 meters in constant weight and record woman of dynamic apnea in 2005.

In 2010 she created a work shop for mind control and relaxation in freediving.

She trained with the CIPA (Centre International de Plongée en Apnée) in 2011 in Nice (France), with world champion Guillaume Nery and his team.

Satyam has been training freedivers and teaching apnea discovery in Eilat and in Italy since 2005.


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